2022 "Tax-Free" Benefit AmountsĀ  (Effective Dec 1st)

Single Veteran

Married Veteran

**Spouse of a Living Veteran

Surviving Spouse of a Veteran

Both Spouse are Qualified Veterans
(Both served during a war-time and both need care)

$2,050 per month

$2,431 per month

$1,609 per month

$1,317 per month

$3,252 per month


The amounts shown above are the total benefit amount for the 2022 Veterans Pension and Aid and Attendance combined. These benefits are tax-free and do not affect Social Security income taxation in any way.

** The benefit for a spouse of a veteran where the veteran's spouse needs care and the veteran can't be the caregiver because of their health doesn't make it possible. This could be due to an advanced stage of dementia or maybe the overall level of care requires professional help.